How to convert your e cigarette into a vape!!

Quick tutorial on how to convert your disposable e-cigarette into a mobile vape for weed!! Simple!!
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  1. muhkuh0816 says:

    never use oil based liquids (or other stuff) in ecigs, its really bad for your lungs

  2. muhkuh0816 says:

    get a real weed vaporizer, its way more effective cause ecigs lack power (only half the temperature thats needed). and pls kids dont vape any type of oil, thers a damn good reason ELiquids are NOT oil based!!! have fun

  3. Chris Boss says:

    it does…

  4. Chris Boss says:

    must of done it wrong? idk what to tell you.

  5. Chris Boss says:

    Calm down jackass. Sorry I don’t study E-cigs Lol. I was told its tea oil, deuche.

  6. Charles-David Forest-Le Noir says:

    Hey, Criss, please watch this video. Thanks! watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA

  7. bandosisfemale says:

    does it really matter if he said the wrong name?
    bongs are legal and have no other use

  8. 168marca says:

    Just get a pipe…duh

  9. waffleking3211 says:


  10. Seth Anderson says:

    “….the filter”

    It’s not a filter, it’s a cartomizer.

    “….tea oil….”

    Lol. Tea oil? No, it pg, vg, nicotine, and flavoring.

    This idea might work better if you had any knowledge of e-cigs.

    By the way, good job. Let’s turn something legal into something illegal. Cause THAT won’t make the FDA want to ban vaping even more.

  11. Ruby West says:

    If you left the fiber filter inside of it could you use it with hash oils?

  12. I find it more trouble than it’s worth. You can only get one, maybe two good hits. If you pack in more plant material, a little bit will maybe burn in the bottom, but the rest is unused. Then you have to get your tool to dig out the cap and empty the stuff out. Then you have to separate the burned from the unused. Plus I get bits of plant material in my mouth unless I put in a little piece of the filter that comes with the e-cig.

  13. evilchilly says:

    dude fuck the bullshit. this shit worked great. used metro e cig.

  14. john rogers says:

    It dont work for shit

  15. Edward Hilgendorf says:


  16. bill bob says:

    leatherman skeletool cx? nice.

  17. Phillip Martindale says:

    That is not vaporizing that is smoke if you could marijuana straight onto a hot coil it will burn burning and vaporizing are two totally different things